Loss of a Thought

May 5, 2008
By Elizabeth (Beth) Siek, Austin, TX

Loss of a thought in the sense of lingering emotions from an unforgotten dream of a young girl. With condescending words of a former love. A hint of passion from within this tourn heart still continues to beat. Fighting off the stressful pain of her every day life. Tears of sorrow stream down her porcelain skin. Fear of how to hold on and servive in a world full of loss. Terrified laying in the darkest corner of her bed. Her mother approaches with tender, love, and worry. Speaking words of beautiful, loving, wisdom. Preaching stories of her own servival. Letting the crushed heart in front of her have a chance to stand strong and move on. As her heart beats to the rhythm of a thousand drums she arises to face the world so cruel. This girl tells herself "things are fine" for now. Some things she can't hide forever. Happier days are soon to follow.

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