Im Just a Human Being

July 4, 2008
By Jasmine Gullison, Morden, ME

Our world is coming to an end.
Can't we do a little more?
Think a little deeper?
See what were made for?

Look at all the people dying,
Feel for those who are crying,
Know how lucky you are.
Now cant you see?

Why do you keep what you know is not bought?
And how do you go on right after you've fought?
Just tell me, why.

How can you feast when a child is left in hunger?
Step in their shoes and then maybe, you'll start to wonder.

I'm living life, sometimes i just forget.
I need to use my heart, and not just my head.

So who would hit the defenseless?
How can you even be born so senseless?
And what can you do for the man whos got nothing left to gain?
Hes lost his mind to crack and cocaine.
It must be hard living on six bucks an hour.
Empty pockets, he can't even afford to shower.

And where do you live after your homes been destroyed?
Its impossible to ignore all the killing and the noise.

Keeping your stash in a grocery cart,
Theres people passing by, they just have no heart.

I'm just a human being, I can't do much.
Can't do nothing but give and love.
I'm looking through the eye of anothers soul,
seeing their perspective and how the world is so cold.

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