a patient and peroxide voice

July 3, 2008
By Grace Gregory, Greenfield, MA

globs of sunlight have to stick between his teeth
to make his smile dazzle like that,
as star-studded blues lyrics trickle across those azure eyes
when they meet my muddy green ones.
I can feel the pulse in my mouth as I fumble for words
and try to smear the blush from my cheeks
when his fingertips brush the air inches from my arm.

remember – breath in – hold –
and let it all out.

my stomach trembles
so I douse it with caffeine drinks
and power bars, to erode away the lining with chemicals,
creating a cave to hold my blood and chocolate in.
call me an emotional wreck,
but I'll consider it a compliment, 'cause it means
my feelings are actually beginning to show through
the black nail polish
and eyeliner.

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