Take A Look

July 2, 2008
By Dania Herrera, San Francisco, CA

Just take one quick look,
into a book.
You may never know what you might find.
Unless you open your mind.
Go ahead.
So many words.
You don’t know what you are heading towards.
A story that starts at twilight, night, or midnight.
A story that begins with a chivalrous knight,
and ends with a perilous fight.
Magic and mystery may make up that book’s history.
Go ahead.
Take one quick glance because you might miss star-crossed lovers and their romance.
Go ahead.
You never know what you might get.
So don’t you dare forget because you might later regret.
Baseball players, ballet dancers, and baboons.
Stars, spiders, and sabotage.
Halloween, hamburgers, and happy endings.
Witches, wizards, and wands.
Essays, earth, and elections.
Mothers, misters, and magic mirrors.
Christmas, cows, and candy.
Gingerbread men, gum drops, and ghosts.
Family, foxes, and fables.
Damsels in distress, dinosaurs, and disputes.
Pests, pickles, and pumpkin patches.
Arguments, abandoned orphans, and aliens.
You never know what you might get.
So please don’t forget because it may later bring you much regret.
Take a quick look into a book.
The words at the beginning of the page set the stage.
So go ahead just take one quick look into a book.

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Shanzeh said...
on Nov. 20 2008 at 5:21 pm
wowee its a very nice poem i am seriously impressed pal (: :)

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