you wanna talk about fair?

July 2, 2008
By amanda pagano, Briarwood Queens, NY

You wanna talk bout fair?

It just wasn’t fair I swear it
The way you always used to make me cry
When you used to trap me in your snare,
yellin’ and screamin’ and s*** I swear,
Sometimes I think you just don’t care,
It wasn’t fair
You left me there on that street corner
Between a and b,
I had no where to go,
And now I am stuck here this god-dam bee,
That I keep trying to free, but it just keeps stinging me
You took the butter from the bread,
Turned stars in to knives and hearts into guns,
Some times I jus wanna runs'
‘Cause it ain’t no fun, there are no games to play, and nothing left to say, all we can do now is prey
My heart is bleeding' and my love for you is gone.
And you just keep singing that SAME OLD SONG!

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