Alas, The Acceptance of Fatal Fears

July 2, 2008
By Namrata Gumaste, Cresskill, NJ

When you're searching for shadows in the dark
I promise you won't find me there
You'll only find my scarlet mark,
A heart bleeding from a gaping tear

In the cool, somber darkness of midnight
The sun roams the streets,
I'll watch you roam distraughtly till light,
Finding me will be an impossible feat

These eyes could once illuminate the skies,
Even through the wind this fire kept alive
But who put out the fire in these eyes?
For so very long falsehoods can't survive

You can try to piece together what was lost
You can fill your eyes with tears
But what will that give you, what is the cost?
A heart murdered from fatal fears

I sing these sorrows to the transient darkness of night
Just to hear the resonating of my own song
Stay with me radiant twilight
I need to hear my own song

There is so much understanding in this goodbye
In this heart where all we know soars
Rest assure, this mark is my only reply
I promised sunshine, my heart is yours

So when you're searching for shadows in the dark,
Don't waste you're time on me
You'll only find my scarlet mark,
For fires don't burn under the sea

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