Orchid (Decastich)

January 19, 2012
By silysonya GOLD, Oberursel, Other
silysonya GOLD, Oberursel, Other
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Son of Nymph and Satyr
Not the loveliest tale retold
Celebration but leads to fear
Where wine was one’s obligation to hold
Torn apart, only shame and pieces
A feast for wild beasts
Because of the rape of the priestess
No more is the feast
Metamorphosis. One last grant
A slender and modest plant

The author's comments:
According to the Turocs Book of Forms this form is used to describe any poem of ten lines with a ababcdcdee rhyme scheme. Also narrative with a plot and regular meter.It tells the story of Orchis, the son of an unknown nymph and a satyr, who commits the sacrilege of attempting to rape a priestess at a festival to the honor of Dionysos and gets massacred by wild animals. His dead body then changes into a flower that we know as the Orchid today.

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