Raindrops Fall

July 5, 2008
I look out of my window, watching the rain drops fall
They remind me of the ones streaming down my face
Each one I dedicate to you
Living without you is like being in a different place
Like living in a horrible dream, and there's nothing you can do

Now I'm standing in the rain
Hoping it will wash away the pain
You can't see the tears I cry
And you wouldn't notice, even if you were here
'Cause you are away loving someone who's not me, my dear

You don't understand how much you hurt me
It's like you left me, leaving all the memories
When I think about you and all that we shared
It's like you never even cared

I'm frozen in this place
When I close my eyes, I only see your face
It cuts me like a knife
I can't live without you in my life

If I ever saw your face again
I'd ask the questions that drive me insane:
Did you already forget?
Is it our love that you regret?

I'll stay out here letting the rain pour down
Hopefully I'll drown
Impossible to forget you, with your ghost around
Until it leaves, I'll stand in the rain
Washing away our love and all of the pain...

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