Yearning Impatiently

July 3, 2008
By Kamerin Chambers, Chicago, IL

Attracted to a tee...aches when we part.
Words that you infer imply my thoughts.
Yearning for you, near in heart but far apart.
Choices not official, tis love forbidden, not we ought.
Our love so strong, too hard to forget.
Your poetic love phrases has started what we've began.
Sweet as the first kiss, sweet as we met.
Not hesistant...our drive tis high, questions not at all of if we can?
Impatiently waiting...heart racing at every thought.
When can we be together?
Stomach fills with butterflies at the very thought.
To be with tis wherever!
Lay side by side above no clouds but the night's sky.
We glisten at every star, quite far...tears of passion is what I cry.

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