Mislead Trance

January 19, 2012
By Megan O&#39Rourke BRONZE, Rochester, Michigan
Megan O&#39Rourke BRONZE, Rochester, Michigan
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Something beautiful and something free—
Those starry nights and the morning’s dawn
The light sprinkle of rain in a dense fog
Those flocks of birds above your head
The time of day when the Earth turns silent
But only just for a moment.

Everything cannot be as special as these moments,
Sometimes we reach too far in wishes of being free
We all seem like we want to be loud, but we just want to be silent
Before we pass, we all want to see that last morning’s dawn
And then die peacefully with sweet dreams in our head
But this world cannot suffice; we are trapped in fog.

We are blinded, our wishes hidden inside the fog
Luck isn’t enough to pay for the loss of these moments
We still agitate for what we want to see inside our head
We still think that we can be free
And still be able to experience the warm dawn,
While we live in the world’s screaming silence.

We crave that our mouths can be silent
That we ourselves can be lost in the fog
To create a new life; let it be more beautiful than morning’s dawn
Appreciate those things we could never have; especially those silent moments
Grasp every second that we feel our spirits freeing
Feel our shoulders being lifted while saying goodbye to our head.

This beginning is discovered and quickly dawning
Nothing could ever compare to the invigorating thoughts in our head
One chance, One restart, One new moment
We are slowly getting rid of unwanted silence,
Now what we truly desire has burst out of the fog
We cannot just taste freedom, we now swallow freedom.

We let freedom flow through us; this ends the new dawn
The fog has now vanished, no more poison flowing through our heads
We no longer want to be silent; we just want to live in the moment.

The author's comments:
My first Villanelle I've ever written and i was inspired by life :]

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