Running Out Of Time

July 4, 2008
By alexis ross, Bronx, NY

We sit in the dark as the clock gently reaches its peak
Both hands are on nine
While their fingers run through my hair
I start to think of all the past times we shared,
All those times you were never there
And I wonder; why are you hear
The clock slows down
"Do you love?"
The words trickle out of his mouth
I pause
The clock speeds up
"Its getting late" is all I can manage to say
Cause how can you tell someonethat you used to love
That love doesnt live hear anymore
I've been hurt so many times
By so many people that my heart has turned to coal
Im afriad to make that same mistake a third time with you
With the little hand on ten you decide to find a new place to rest your head
Cause time stops for no man
But the time between me and you been up
You were the old shelter for my heart
But I've found a new one
And time still goes on

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