Stay With Me Forever

June 29, 2008
By Crystal Harvey, Hixson, TN

I know you see me in a way I never saw myself
My heart was beating so you took it off the shelf
Your soul is mine, I'm sinking in your love
Do as you will, but never stop the love
Keep the hate away, my heart was broken twice
But in your arms I know I will always have your advice
I'll be here for you no matter what goes wrong
You will be my everything even when I'm done with this song
I'll be by your side forever, never let me go
Anytime you need me, my feelings will always show
I love you more than life, I'll never leave your side
If harm would ever hurt you, my tears would never dry
Until the day I die is not enough to say
Our love will carry on long past our dying day
I see the sun is rising, your face is shining bright
My happiness surrounds us, the sun will soon be light
This memory will fade but love will always stay
I'll write a song for you and this is what it'll say
Stay with me forever
and never tell me never
Hold onto me always
The words said now is how it always stays
You'll no longer live afraid, I'm here forever now
There's no turning back for you
I don't know what I'd do
If yu ever leave, it's be the end of me
But I have you now, just wait, you'll see
I give my life to you, in the future you will be with me
I've given you my heart for you to never set free
You will understand and see, My love I gave you that night
Was more than just a phase, to give up in one sight
So this is my confession, I swear to never doubt
Just one more thing before I go
Remember me in your dreams, that's where I'll always go.......

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