Good-Bye My Dear

June 29, 2008
By Sarah Engh, Vancouver, WA

I'm Tired Of Your Game,
Its All So Very Lame,
They Drive Me Insane,
I Don't Think It's Worth The Pain,
Despite All My Tries,
I Still Don't Know Who Tells The Lies,
Sometimes I'll Start To Shake,
Because My Heart Threatens To Break.
At Night, Down My Cheeks Tears Fall,
You Were My All,
But Now Your Not,
We Always Fought.
Lies Cause It Hard To Trust,
Trust In A Friendship Is A Must.
If You Lied This Is The End,
That's Not A True Friend.
It Couldn't Last,
It Went To Fast.
But The Time Is Here,
Time To Say Good-bye My Dear.

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