Never Ending Dream

July 5, 2008
By Samantha Wenzel, American Canyon, CA

I have an endless conversation in my head
As I lay here in my bed
I think of you and me
And if you stayed, what we would be

I'd see you and want to cry
Cause you left without saying goodbye
I hate you as much as I miss you
I can't change the past, as much as I want to

Maybe you would say sorry and hold me close
And say it was me you missed the most
You always knew just what to say, hate that you know me so well
Kills me that it was for you, I fell

We'd stay up all night looking up at the sky
Not saying a word, we won't let the moment die
Whispering in my ear,'you'll always be mine'
I'd just smile as our fingers inertwine
Listen closely to your heart beat
But then our eyes meet

And then you'd walk away, like you did before
Leaving me with the ghost of you, and nothing more...

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