July 1, 2008
By Jocelyn Isais, Highland Village, TX

The warmth of your body comforts me as I turn out the light.
Your lovable fuzzy face and luminous green eyes, always my morning’s first sight.
No matter my day’s events that I struggled to endure
I can always count on the sound of a stampede, as your paws rush to meet me at the front door.
With whiskers that tickle and comforted me through the years,
Always there through the many heartaches, and pain, through the worries and the tears.
When I didn’t win, or when he didn’t call back.
When I felt ugly, or when my heart was under attack.
That purr lulled me to sleep on those restless, cold nights.
Staying with me when the creaks and sounds the house made gave me those bone-chilling frights.
You’ve also produced countless smiles, trying to chase your own tail,
And the way you whine when I leave for a split second, to go and get the mail.
So they say a dog is a man best friend, well that maybe a true fact,
But as for us women we can all agree, our love and companionship will always be with a cat!

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