A Difference

July 1, 2008
By Rae Chaloult, Rochester Hills, MI

A Difference

All through the world there is a need,
A place to fill,
An empty spot in this world so large,
I am ready to take on this challenge to prove to you and others that
I will make a mark in history,
I will not be lost in the past like so many others,
I will make difference,
I will…
You may not believe me,
For you think I may be small,
But in a place so hungry with need only the size of your heart matters,
I will leave my mark,
And it will last forever,
Until time stops,
And the world freezes,
I will make a difference,
I will…
Life will go on but no one should be lost,
Lost in a world of drugs and bad health,
Some say this is a fault of the man that refuses to stop,
I agree,
And I disagree,
It may be the fault of the man; himself,
But then I wonder why God made more then one man,
Is it because we can help each other,
Grow stronger from each other,
Learn from each other,
So I may not be able to save some ones health,
But I can save a persons spirit,
Their minds,
Their thoughts,
I will make a difference from my poems one day,
If that day is not today,
Then I will try again,
For I will make a difference,
I will…
- Anonymous

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