Lucky Fortune

January 16, 2012
By Kelly Facer BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
Kelly Facer BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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Really nervous,
Sweating, biting her nails nervous.
Amy will finally have dinner-
Dinner with a random stranger-
A stranger she met online.
She hasn’t even talked to him more than a week.

They meet at China Wok at 7pm sharp.
He looks good,
He was dressed like an 18 year old senior ready for the prom.
His black slicked back hair, tall, tan skin, and his dark brown eyes
Spot her as she walks in,
The smell of
Orange chicken,
Mongolian beef,
And freshly cooked fried rice,
Fills her nostrils.

He was a perfect gentleman.
Takes off her coat,
Pulls out her chair,
Orders her meal,
Pays for dinner,
And lets her pick the fortune cookie.

Fortune cookies were invented in America, not China.

Rip, Rip, Crinkle, Crinkle,
The cookie plops on the table.
Snap, the cookie breaks in half.
One half on the left,
One half on the right.
Amy pulls out the white
And smiles
“You will soon have great luck in relationships”
Slicked back hair, smirks the prom pose smile.

Two years later.
She marries her
China Wok ,
In China,
Not America.

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