I, Too

December 20, 2007
By Jennifer Payne, Sedan, KS

I, too

I, too,sing America.
I am the single mother.
I do what I can for my children.
I hear them cry at night for their father.
But they don't know who their father really was.
They don't inderstand how he treated me.
How he beat me until I cried when his dinner was ready when he got home.
How he took most of the food and left us with very little.
How I gave my food to them so they had plenty.
How he was an alcoholic.
How he drank himself to numbness.
How he got drunk every night and would explode over something small.
One night, he was drinking. He took the car.
It was the effect of a drunked rage.
He drove out of town and got onto the highway.
He was speeding out of control and swerved into the wrong lane.
He took the lives of another family.
A happy husband and wife and two beautiful little girls.
He also took his own life.
I, too, sing America.

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