How to Be Me

December 19, 2011
By Dwight89 BRONZE, Lakeside, Montana
Dwight89 BRONZE, Lakeside, Montana
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Eat, Sleep and Dream about Motocross every single day,

Nothing else on your mind
Give up an average life to be the best you can be,

6 am. Working out at the gym,

And every weekend is filled with

Working on bikes, or riding.
Live everyday up, and like there is no end,

Have no worries of pain,

Or what can happen.
Try your hardest at everything you do,

From school,

To the gym,

And on the track!
Spend as much time as you can with the people most important,

You will always make time for the people that

Truly mean the most for you
Joke, Laugh and love your dad

Know he is truly your best friend,

Never jeoprodize that!
Clear everything when riding your dirt bike,

Know that this is truly your cure

For all problems in your life!

The author's comments:
I race Motocross, and this is how to be me.

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