May 4, 2008
She speaks in lyrics
The incessant beat of her heart is her only company
Friends and family are lost within the bedlam of her mind
Now estranged and forgotten
She lives off old memories and the pieces that are left of her heart.
She searches the sun, the stars, the sunflowers , the mystic bayous, her favorite books ,the saccharine taste of brown cinnamon, grey skies, purple sunsets, the ripples of the great lake, the scent of autumn, and the crunching of colored leaves beneath her feat…
She was lost and empty of any familiar passions
As she succeeded from the boundaries of her own mind she ran on insanity
On the airwaves to heaven she clipped her wings
Caught by a lonely cloud her chance at death was spared
Lola was not the divine spirit in heaven
Instead she was left crestfallen after she was found with contraband of heinous thoughts
At the gates of heaven (rusted and struck by patina) the angels dressed in silk cloaks and handcuffs search the incomers
Yet Lola is the only one.
They scan through her pale skin and fearful eyes
“These are the gates that determine your destiny”
(The words melting like hot wax into the conundrum of her mind)
Lola slips through the illuminated clouds and walks towards the gates,
slowly they start to close
The blank sky surrounds her,
the gates no longer visible,
She cries for an angel to save her
No one returns her call
She’s been blessed with an open mind
The surrounding sunlight overwhelms her
A crescendo of bitter laughter erupts in her mind
She won’t ever believe in fate
(“Destiny is mine”)
The calamity of her own conscious awakes her

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