Genteel Sentiment

May 2, 2008
By Victoria Chang, Vienna, VA

Here's to the feeling of joyful bliss,
invoked by the sweet kisses of the falling rain,
grace of the small petals dancing off the flower.

Here's another: late-night stories on top of roofs.
Where did the singing melody drift off into?

Might we add another to our naive serenades of youth,
reveling in the seemingly interminable bliss.

Those late-night festivities, sipping some at dawn,
watching the sky turn into an hypnotic hue;
chains of pearls; conspicuously classy bedizenment.

How lovely would it be to live in that dream forever,
to romance the precious moment?
Yet time forces us into a sweet surrender,
lost forever into the reverie

It must have been a charming day to pass,
saccharine words to touch the heart,
letting tears flow in oceans

And let Time tell when we shall meet yet again;
another day when the clouds will give way
to a shining light.

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