Secrets of an underwear model

January 11, 2012
By ZoeAmanda BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
ZoeAmanda BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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Secrets of an underwear model

At Work:
Graham pushes back his caramel brown hair
Graham primps himself,
For the photo shoot
He perfects look one last time in the mirror
The photographer calls “Graham come to the set”!
Graham swaggers to the scene,
In his puffy white robe
He stands in front of the black backdrop
He squints at the camera
As the bright yellow lights blind him
He pulls off his robe and heads to his position
He strikes his famous pelvis thrust pose
The cameraman takes pictures
The Camera flashes go off “click click click”

In Transit:
Graham quickly puts on his clothes
And rushes to push open the door
He proceeds to follow the path to the parking garage
He reaches his Porsche
Pulls out the keys and unlocks it “beep beep beep”
Puts his key in the ignition and cranks up some Pierce the Veil
Graham backs up and peals out of the garage
Lights a cigarette “flick flick flick”
And speeds down Ocean Drive
He sees green leaves of palm trees as he passes
And dark blue from the crashing waves of the ocean
The sunlight suddenly peers through the clouds
Streaks of light shine into the car
Graham pulls down the beige visor
To block the light from his vision

At Home:
He arrives at his beachfront home
Graham kicks off his Ralph Lauren shoes and socks in the foyer,
To free his feet from the stresses of the day
His chocolate lab Mocha runs into the kitchen to greet him,
Graham pets his dog and lets her outside
Quickly grabs a snack
Graham jumps onto the worn down gray leather couch
And turns on the TV
Flips to America’s Next Top Model to see the latest episode
He reaches for his back pack and pulls out a pair of 5 inch stilettos
That happens to go perfectly with his silky pair of underwear

The author's comments:
In creative writing I drew a random name out a hat I got Graham. I had to create this life no one knew about Graham (secret life) so then I developed it how I wanted and this is how it turned out. I had tons of fun creating this character and making up a life for him.

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