Autumn Foliage

May 2, 2008
By Celia Watson, Hilton Head, SC

I took a step outside my back door.
I breathed in the fresh morning air; tingling my lungs with its purity.
I glanced around my garden, spotting a beautiful sight that stopped me in my tracks.
Branching off of a large sycamore tree, I noticed hundreds of extraordinary natural pleasures.
Leaves of crimson, gold, almond and hazelnut wafted in the breeze.
The gentle sunrays illuminated each leaf, contrasting against the sky as if they were the stars of day.
And when I watched a small golden speck gently break off a branch and descend to the earth, a new mood aroused me.
Bliss, pure bliss.
I had to see this magnificent sight in full.
I stepped off our wooden decking and walked onto the cool grass.
The green blades were cold and prickly at first, but when my bare feet stepped on a fallen leaf, I was secure again.
Gently pacing across the dewy lawn, I slowly made my way over to the enormous tree.
I looked up. Intricately detailed sycamore leaves hung over me from delicate branches.
Their crisp colors and silhouetted dramatically against the blue sky, particularly when the sun's rays glittered down on them.
They swayed and danced in the wind, creating a unique rustling noise that was pertinent to this season.
I viewed every aspect of the tree. The branches, the trunk, the bark,
And its outer shell was smooth and tan, blending with the warm autumn colors that surrounded me.
I stood there, admiring nature as I never did before, and soon realized a small sycamore leaf drifting down to my shoulder.
Standing still, I watched the shimmering flake swirl in the wind.
And as I turned my head ever so slightly, I noticed the leaf had fluttered down and gently perched atop my shoulder.
It wore darker shades such as maple and hazelnut, showing the variety of colors for this season.
I twiddled its smooth stem in my hands. Its colors shone in the light even more as I projected it to all directions.
I was satisfied. Tucking the golden flake between my ear and dark chestnut hair, I walked back to our garden decking.
A piece of nature held close to my skin, and I felt indescribable peace and tranquillity, that was the true sense of autumn.

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