The Cops that They Are

May 2, 2008
By Allison Harden, Beachwood, NJ

I am in a rush trying to go out the door into the car
Never stopped to think there was a cop right there.
He didn’t do much, that’s alright
So he followed me from here to there.
And watched me with a never ending stare.

I was late, yes, I know
What to do, what to do.
So I drove from far to near
I was running out of time, oh dear!

So I took off and so did he,
With that never ending stare.
No time to stop and think of why.
Then I got a call from the cop
With that never ending stare.

So I answered it. And he said
To pull over.
“But my friend who I live with she is having her kid.”
So he said to me again, “Pull over”.
I did as he said and five more cops pulled along.

Ok what’s going on? He said to me
“Here we go to your house with your friend who is having a kid.”
So we drove along
So they went and I followed along

And that’s why I am late. I swear to this day, Mom.
That is what happened. It’s all their fault
So, Mom, don’t yell at me
Yell at them!

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