The Heart of the Mountain and Baseball

May 2, 2008
By David Lewicki, Loudonville, NY

Standing patient for many years

I am silent and strong

I am where I belong

I have no fears

I have no tears

Nothing could ever go wrong

I will stand for so long

A small bump on this circling sphere

With the wind at my back

And the sun on my face

Of Strength I have no lack

In summer, covered in Queen Anne's lace

In autumn leaves blanket my back.

In winter chill frosts my face

At last, spring!

The winter's frost has lost its' cling

It is time to tie up your shoe strings

There is much work to be done

Before we can have fun

We must practice before we can hit a homerun

There is much work to be completed

We must work hard not to be defeated

We will try and go undefeated

We'll do our best to win

And when we do, we will grin

Upon victory, we will have joy within

Baseball is fun, so let's all cheer

At last spring is here!

Baseball is here!

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