Walk Around a Lonely Soul

May 1, 2008
By Mariah Sanborn, Haverhill, MA

Walk around a lonely soul
silent streets are darkened and glittering wth broken glass.
sadness is a tragic thing
Think of all the happy times and wondrous blunders
oh, is that a silly thing to say?

Times are hard and it only gets harder,
if you are lonely it will only get worse.
But to some, a person is an amazing thing,
the company they keep means all
no matter how hard you fall
someone is waiting on the ground.

This quiet air,
the stench of bodies and deceptions perforates the room I'm sleeping in.
whats to do when everything is one big lie,
and everyone was trying to fool you.

Move on, as life gets harder with every step
keep dreaming, just to keep those wretched nightmares at bay.
Maybe someday hopes will turn into reality or fade away into a dreamless sleep.

Keep breathing, because the last thoughts moving through your head would be
why am I not alive right now?
Through these streets,
In broad daylight the glass is gone and shadows moved to corners far away.
Inching closer to the ethereal reality of your dreams
looking for the love that you could never have thought of,
it may be closer than you think.

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