May 1, 2008
By erika gruebel, Yelm, WA

the moon is full
its starting to get cold
i slide close to get warm
you greet mw with warm open arms
to hold me within your warm
a smile comes accross my face
as a smile comes upon yours too
i feel safe within you warm grasp
you look straight in to my eyes
i look back at yours that glitter so
you brush you hand upon my face
as you slowly tilt your head
as you are leaning towards me
so you can hold me for a kiss
i want to pull a way so badly
but you have me hypnotized
with your fiery eyes
you lips nearly upon mine
as are lips touch
we kiss and kiss
the night a way
just you and i
now entwined with in each other
we ca be like this for ever
as we watch the stars pass through the night sky
just you and i

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