Dead or Alive

May 1, 2008
By Nallely Vazquez, Aurora, CO

Living in a world
Were I don’t belong
Day after day
I’m scared to go home
Laying on my bed,
Dark and alone
Trying to close my eyes,
But the monster won’t go
I finally focus
And dream my own dreams,
But then I wake up
With those cries and those screams
I get up of bed,
To go check on my mom
I finally see that the monster is gone
I look at my mom
And she’s pleading for help
But how can I help her?
The monster is back
I scream out mom help
Please let me go
His hands just so strong will break my soft bones
I try not to move
Well then I’ll get hurt
He strikes the first strike
And he knocks me right down
I try to get up
And suddenly have a black out
I see the white light
Mom is not dark anymore
Mom you should come
It’s beautiful here
Thiers beautiful flowers
And you can actually dream
Don’t stay there with daddy
He’ll just offer you pain
Come with me mama
I will offer you safe
DIE mama Die so you can
Start a new life.

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