Lonely Walking Down the Beach

May 1, 2008
By jon balfour, Wayne, PA

Lonely walking down the beach, brushed up on shore I see a shell,
I suddenly gaze upon the ocean and see a white unknown object,
I get this horrible feeling; as if a dark black coat has come over me,
I dive in and swim out as if there is no tomorrow, I would remember this day forever.
I was on a sudden rush, I was normal this morning brushing my teeth but now I am like a guardian angel.
I get to the white object, a shirt, I quickly dive down into the black darkness, I grad this blue cold body and bring it to surface trying to help it breath.
Suddenly the body, blue from the freezing temperature just falls into the darkness, the body and my chance of saving him is gone, never to return, forever, vanish.
I was like a dogwood tree, in the spring blossom coming finally a purpose in my life, but now, autumn is here, my blossom has gone and I give up treading water, start to drown into the black unknown.

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