I'm In Love

May 1, 2008
By Samora Steffany, Long Beach, CA

I'm in love wit' you...

How? The exact word'z can't be found, THAT, or refuse to come out,
but i'm positive 'cuz i'm floss'n it in smile'z that appear once you do.
Each time you mumble words so subtle, i stumble on how your humble
way'z tend to amaze me 'n' when we exchange personal thang'z as if
we've known each other since childhood day'z got me discover'n that i'm
undergoin' a change.
A change of heart that blindside'd me, but since it'z for you, I figure'd it'z for
the best of thing'z
Your infinite number of flaw'z doesn't change mah mind at all but causes a
greater want of suh'n as genuine as you wit' me on cloud nine, it's suh'n nuh'n else
can truly satisfy me in this life
'N' at first i tried hard to fight bacc thought'z of you in my mind 'n'
not obsess about your finesse of tenderly caress'n my heart to the point
where i'm at rest 'n' able to confess secret'z i've kept
How I define the way you make me feel is in lowkey grin'z, blush'z i've hidden, sensation'z bacc 'n' forth shoot'n, long'n facial expression'z,
'n' missin' you the second you say you leave'n...
I'm slowly turn'n my cheek to my stubborn playah technique'z 'n' realizin'
that you're makin' fallin' in love a good thing
So if it is 'n' you decide that by my side is where you find yourself at peace
most of the time 'n' you wanna spend the remain'n year'z ahead wit' a start
in wake'n up in a bed wit' me 'n' blend two world'z together we can live in
Lemme kno' where it is you wanna go from here...

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