Work, Way, Home!

January 12, 2012
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Character: Sam Sandstorm
Occupation: Beauty shop owner/ Hair Stylist

Sam picked up the black blow dryer and began to dry his client’s hair. He blow-dried and curled her luscious blonde hair with his curling comb. Sam then began to use his $300 dollar scissors to cut her hair. Sam likes his shop a lot because he painted and decorated the place himself to match what he likes. He painted the walls with a bright orange and accessorized it with black chairs. Sam also had a station in the back of the shop for all of his hair dyes and brand new and clean application brushes.

Sam is a super lucky guy. He’s lucky because when he leaves work on his way home all he see’s is green lights all the way home. He has never since the day he opened his salon see a red light or a yellow one for that matter. He loves being able to smoke his Marlboro Lights while driving home with the windows down while blasting Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand miles. However Sam does have to stop at the red stop sign on the block of his house. But its only one stop signs so it doesn’t bother him a lot. Sam drives about 50 feet and pulls into his driveway that can easily be pointed out by its blue stone brick pathway.

Sam walks in and the first thing he sees is his Golden Retriever Sammie. Sammie loves Sam a lot and she’s always there to greet his when he comes home. Sam walking into the kitchen and pours Sammie water and food and begins to cook his meal. Sam doesn’t like to try new things much so he usually just makes him a frozen dinner. He makes his frozen dinner and then he sits down on his brown leather coach and watches whatever is on spike because that’s his favorite tv station. By 10 O’clock Sam is exhausted and he goes up and he rips off his black comforter and folds it on the side and turn off the light and jumps into his kings size bed, making sure to stay on the right side of the bed. Then he rolls over and kisses a picture of his wife who passed away 2 years ago in a car accident, which Sam was driving after having a few drinks. Sam till today has not forgiven himself for that night.

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