A Disastrous Paradise

January 12, 2012
By Anonymous

That ocean paradise where the water rushes, crashing on the sand with striking force, opens a scene of beauty. The sound of the impact echoes throughout the air. Around the beach sits towering, dark rock, enclosing the sandy escape. The air suddenly becomes chilling. The bitterness bites sharply. It’s like all of a sudden the tables have turned and this dreamy get-away is filled with terror. Ominous clouds form a dark petrifying blanket above, allowing no glimpse of blue sky. Death seems to be lurking, crashing onto the beach with each wave. All of a sudden a seagull lands ashore, covered in a mucky black substance. Confused, the bird shakes, trying to rid itself from such solution. Many more seagulls appear in the same state as the first. Just then, a fish appears on the shore, then another, then another, and another. All dead. The water no longer displays a rich blue color, but, instead, oozes with polluted black oil drifting on its surface. An oil spill contaminates the water, destroying an entire sea habitat and all that lived within it. The scene now displays a portrait of all lost. Complete disaster.

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