If I Died For Everytime You Ever Lied

April 30, 2008
By Mercedes Ruvalcaba, Chicago, IL

If I died for everytime you ever lied to me, I'd be dead over twenty times. But you don't understand, that without your lies, I would have never saw through your diguise.
Your malice mind, clouds my eyes. .

I don't want to live your lies!
I hate your godforsaken eyes!
You'll pay your fines like I payed mine! I payed with my life, so it's time for youto die.
But always will your ghostly eyes haunt me.
I thought I payed my fines,
Now I hear your chilling voice whisper in my ear,

"I love you."

The words that once and always will remain to be. .

. .a lie.

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