Misery in the Definition of Love

April 29, 2008
By Kerri Mertz, Rocky Point, NY

I missed you the first time
I drowned myself in the blood of a recognizable foundation
But I’m older now and with the months that past
Came an incite of wisdom
I swayed into a state of consciousness yet just for a moment
And suddenly those features I fell for
Those features I lied to myself for disintegrated
Like they were never destined to be
I attempted to disappear, to turn and run, before I shattered and fell to you once more
But when I opened my eyes you had already vanished
Denying I ever crossed your muddled mind
You gaze at me now with a strangers glance
I can intrigue and draw but I will never mean as much to you
I won’t sit back and watch you drown yourself
The rope is to tense to glide you free my struggles are reckless
She is the concluding wave that your lungs collapse underneath
That emotion of lost hope
I’m the warm welcoming radiance your soul endures with unlocked arms
As it’s unchained from the devastating clutch of the ocean bottom
This is me whispering farewell with a smile
Before I lost the opportunity to look at you and still see the good I used to love.

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