My true Feelings about you

January 9, 2012
It seems so simple to be single, to have nothing to worry about. Until those lonely nights kick in.
Sighing constantly .Crying continuously
But you then find him. Realize that you love him But afraid to hurt him.
So you tell him you need space.
Space to breathe
Space to think
Space to live
But what you don’t realize you’re able to breathe with him
Just more clearer
Able to think with him
Just more easier
Able to live better with him
Just more happy
Sometime I feel like I’m on this earth just to mess up
Literally screw up.
Mentally retarded
Emotionally stupid
Physically dumb
Spiritually missing
I’m not use to being happy .like I grew constant to the pain and those lonely nights in the rain.
Letting the drops camouflage my tears.
I love him but I’m use to the pain of the scolding words
Use to those abusive licks that they claim was “love “taps when it was abuse written backwards on my chest.
I forgot my heart was illiterate so it couldn’t read the signs.
But now I’m teachable
I really mean reachable to be cured for those old pain that feds of my metabolism
And he is the cure.
I see a future with him
A family with him
Don’t want to be with nobody else but him.
It kills me to feel apart from him.
No one to say I love you.
Parent love don’t count
I just can’t lose him
Can’t bear to see him walk.
It just too much for a girl to handle.
He is my rock, my sun , my moon, my everything and honestly I know that I have my moment but I’m trying to get them straight.
A lot of people believe that if you have to change to make someone happy then you all shouldn’t be together.
That not true. If you’re willing to change is because it happen. I change because I had to. The path I was taking wasn’t getting far in life .but then he came so with him it just happens. Everything fell in it place grew attach to him.
When he smiles
I do.
When cry
I do.
Maybe just maybe that one day I could just him how important he is.
May I should be the one to ask him to marry me on one knee...
Cause I’m ready to be with him eternally.

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