What Has Become

April 29, 2008
By Stephanie Nguyen, Westminster, CA

"What has become of this place we're living in,
its more like "forget the world and this crazy life of sin."
Its not safe to be out there now a days,
never will know what can happen, got to be on the watch always.
So many tragedies, with so many death and tears.
People waking up knowing a loved one is gone, they fear.
Always praying for the better days to come by,
all we do is shed tears as one and cry.
Whimpering our hearts out hoping things will get fitter,
having hope everyday for the better.
Drinking that 40, popping that candy, smoking that rock until your heartbeat accelerate.
Making yourself feel good to feel no pain, at the end you feel like something that you hate.
Smoking that green to feel so high until your blown.
You can't even open your eyes, getting that munchies you groan.
It felt so commendable at a moment because you were flying so high.
You wanted to run away, faraway saying your goodbyes, but ended up with the pain and heartache in the eyes.
Knowing that feeling only lasts for awhile that you imply.
You can't run away from your problems and hope it never alternates.
Knowing it will come back, you think through it all hoping it penetrates,
but you know you have to be strong, stand up to whatever comes crashing.
Spend time with the loved ones, before things starts flunking."

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