I Am From Poem

January 6, 2012
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I Am From Poem
I am from long family trees
with reunions once a year
roughhousing all day long
in the woods until the night.

I am from days of accidents
with battered backs from rushing cars
at the age of two how could
anyone know what they did in curiosity.

I am from loud barks
and leaps of passion
squeals of delight deafening to the ear
until the return of us all.

I am from concerned speeches
hopes of success are always there
with passion in the background
and the goal of teaching the lessons of life.

I am from stern looks
with the job that makes everyone pop
the director of diets is coming
with unexpected tastes from strange experiments.

I am from bakers
with sweets beyond imagination
Rummy is the competition here
kindness is the best friend.

I am from annoying sounds
hopes of playing all day
obstacles at my feet
and happiness in the soul.

I am from old growth timber
and plates wishing for his return
having the time of our lives
with TV occupying the night.

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