The Unseen

April 29, 2008
By Lacey weatherly, Indianola, IA

When i look into the mirror i see what you dont see.I see a monster looking back at me.I look like i havent eaten,and i look like a clown,everytime you look at me i always look down.

People talk about me as if im not there, i act as if i dont care.But when you look into my eyes you'll find an empty space and then you'll notice the look on my face.

i try to hide my world of pain
and i know you have nothing to gain.
my life is an empty hole
and i am not for show.

everyone walks past me and stairs
i know they dont care
they wonder if i am real
will i ever heal?

one thing is true
i know that this is something i should do. later that day i see my only friend Kay.

she looks at me and walks away
never bothered to say hey.

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