As Time Goes By

April 29, 2008
As my clock strikes 9:27 am
I can do nothing but think of him
I think of his smile and his hair
O yes I do declare
In reality he is not perfect…no
But in love land he is very much so
He is all that my mind brings about
While on the inside I shout

As time goes by

As my clock salutes 9:33 a.m.
I’m in desperate need of him
Wanting him to rescue me
From this trap I want to be free
Free so that we may meet
And with a sense of love we greet
I wait for that day I leave this place
And my life can move to a normal pace

As time goes by

As my clock declares 9:40 a.m.
I can only wonder about him
I know he is asleep
And I wonder “of me does he dream” or “for me does he weep”
Why did I have to mess up our thing?
I wish to be the one he loves, to hold the ring
He is what I shout about
But yet his heart is where I’m kicked out

As time goes by
It’s now 9:48 a.m.

Winter snow

White like the clouds of heaven
The sky cries icy tears of snow
Slowly the wind pushes the snowy tears
Down to the busy ground
The next day the outside is flooded with frozen milk
Awaiting the children to come and enjoy its frost
Doomed to its death
As the sun appears to come out to grant its death wish
Slowly but surely
The ground is washed away of its cold covers
And green once more
The kids seem to realize their friend has disappeared
And the fun too
So they wait to next time
Next month
Next year

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