Time races

February 21, 2008
By Amanda Roach, Johnson City, TN

Time races, people lie
Memories los, they all cry
Humans fake,illusions spread
Emotions spilt, seize the dead
Feelings believed wrong
Living a numb life
Love lost in lust
Sadness lost in anger
The intelligent fall silent
The dead rising Life Halting
The heart cracking
Chapping the surface
Cold air rushes, freezing the warmth
Slowly numbing away
Robotic actions, uncontrolable
You feel the pain
Nothingness escaping your mouth
Helpless and vulnerable
Unable to control
Shut your mouth
Do as your told
Say nothing
Think nothing
To use your mind, would be a sin
Yet no one knows
Of your masked horror
Your utter defeat
Man kind makes you endure
If only you could scream
To make some sort of noise
No one can see
For they are all blind
Caught up in the world
Unaware of their surroundings
Never able to express
Feelings and ideas
Fear of feedback, fear of insult
Locked away deep
Never to be seen
Therefore no living
No life of any sort
Human robots
Electronic actions
A screen to read the words
Of which you are to say
Learn one way only
Do nothing different
Same action every day
Same fear of mistake
Ridicule and hate
Awaiting those who don't
Obey and follow the simple way
That life has become
Do not think
Do not speak
Listen and obey
Do as they say

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