Make your life how you want it

February 21, 2008
By cody zech, Eagle, NE

Make your life how you want it

Whether it be black, white, or gray

You can always change your values

The way it sounds

The way it looks doesn’t matter much

As long as you feel the free-spirited vibe coming from inside your beating heart

I can’t help it anymore I must make people feel good about themselves

Whether it be a friend, a loved one, or even a complete stranger

I will make the difference

Who will be there for your funeral?

You know my favor doesn’t come for all

I am just one person

Seriously what can I do for the world?

You know it doesn’t sound right in the ears of an innocent bystander

I will try to make the difference in your life

Someday you will feel me slip away because I’ve done my job…

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