Come Together

February 21, 2008
By Jessie Krien, Waverly, NE

Come together, to win
Come together and we fight
We come together with no real reason
But just the timing of the season

There must be something more
Maybe the experience that will open a door
There must be something better
For I have seen it, but
Now I just want to quit

Come together for a propose, could we be missing it?
Come together for a cause, for we cannot be lost
Come together? Why? What’s the cost?

Everyone wants something
When all we have is nothing
What happens when we get there?
Will we be together?
I bet we will ever be together

Come together for hope
Come together for a dream
Come together that will take more than a prayer

We see the benefits but do we?
We see ourselves and no one else
Have we lost it all?
Maybe it’s just there waiting and watching
For us all to be together

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