Lifetime of a Difference

February 21, 2008
By Megan Wetzel, Waverly, NE

Smiling at someone

Who’s down in the dumps
Picking up someone’s books
Instead of laughing at them
Hugging those

Who are hurting inside
Listening to those

Who are broken-hearted

Opening a door at the grocery store

For the expectant mother
Shoveling a snow covered driveway

For the elderly neighbor
Baking warm chocolate chip cookies

For the new family
Picking up some else’s trash

In the neighborhood park

Little things that take little time
But make a lifetime of a difference

All it takes is a little



It’s what you do

To make a difference
To make the world

A better place

Everyone needs compassion
A cheery smile on a gray, cloudy day
A tight hug on a dreary, rainy afternoon
It’s what you do

To make a difference

Anyone can be an inspiration

If they’re kind

And if they care
It’s what you do

To make a difference

All it takes

Is a little time

To do a little thing
And make the lifetime of a difference

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