The Prediction

February 21, 2008
By Lindsey Kinderdine, Mattawan, MI

The evening had come.
She wasn't home.

Somehow I knew.

I didn't say a thing.
Just crying inside,
Waiting for the blow.

Much later I lay, in a cloud of fear.
I slept, my head lying as still as the wind,
as spinning thoughts swirled sweet memories.

As I walked down the hall,
My dad stood up,
Worry etched on his face.

He lay me down on our couch,

I was able to sleep,
But only while they looked.

I heard the news,
But I couldn't understand.
The days passed by,
Full of people who said it was okay.
They didn't know how painful it was.

The day was mild and gray,
Alive with sadness,
And people looked at my brother and I,
With tears in their eyes.

She was in that box?
I had to see.
He lifted me up,
Said it was okay to touch her.

I reached out,
and a scream of anguish escaped my small lips

The reality of it sliced through my five year-old heart.
I wanted the loving mommy I had------


The feeling is in my fingertips,
her hand, hard as stone.
We went home------

I was ,


I've forgotten a lot,
And I have a new mom.

I got rid of the hate I always had.
But I'll always remember her as an angel,waiting for me.
As long as I live.


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