End it

February 20, 2008
By Emmanuel Ajagbe, Bogota, NJ

Don’t care what u do,

Just let me know.

I’ve made up my mind,

I’m willing to let you go.

Don’t think I don’t care,

that’s not the case.

I just can’t stand to see,

the unhappiness on your face.

My favorite part, of the day.

Is the end of the day.

I walk you home,

And get to say.

I love you ma

Everything is okay.

But now I know,

It’s not okay.

You love someone else,

But u can not say.

I’m going to end it for you ma,

And let you be.

Hopefully one day,

You will see.

That I cared bout you,

I just lost it all.

My Heart, My soul, and my love,

Just came down,

like a brick wall.

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