March 20, 2008
By ariel S, Irving, TX

You stand there laughing, smiling, and
Enjoying my pain: PAIN that you
Caused me
I gave my friends up for you defied my
Parents for you betrayed my best friend
And for what?!
You left me broken hearted.
When you came back the second time around
I am assuming that you weren’t done hurting
Me and it was stupid of me to let you back
In you said “I love you baby”
And to make matter worse you
Put forever after it.
I trusted you and then you smiled turned around
Walked away and ever step you took
You dropped a piece of my heart and made sure
That it could never be pieced together.
But thanks to you I put my heart
Back together not for you
Or any one else BUT FOR ME and thanks to you
I am who I am I live my life
To the fullest I love like
Never before and I laugh till it hurts
Thanks to you

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