My Prom Dress

March 20, 2008
By Cheyenne Splan, Eatonville, WA

The dress I want is perfect for me
The absolute color anyone can see
I buy it on sale before the rush
Later I would know my heart would crush
I sat on my bed staring
With the dreams of the dress I’d be wearing
Before I knew it I was dreaming each night
Waking up from a terrible fright
The dress I thought could only fit me
Was being worn by another “sweet pea”
Everyone gathered with ooo’s and awe’s
I walked over looking at the cause
She was gorgeous, the queen of the ball
The girl was surrounded by all
She turned to face me as I wore my pajamas
My looked as though I slipped on bananas
The girl who turned was spitting image of me
My face was awaken with tons of glee
My dreams all came tumbling down
When I the heard that stupid alarm clock sound
I look at the dress so perfect and new
That one day I’d be that girl too
Prom day arrives and I’m super excited
“Facials and nails” all the girls recited
I get my nails done and my hair all prepped
And finally that moment I met
I slipped on the dress over my head
And the next thing I heard was the sound of dread
My dress was torn and so was my heart
I waited forever and it wasn’t even the start
The candy the cakes all the junk I ate
Would have been better after my date.

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