Things you don't learn from P.E

March 19, 2008
By Jamie Yonker, Alto, MI

You Probably thought no one noticed you.
I did.
You probably think no one admires you.
I do.
You probably thought no one checked out your skateboard clip online.
I have.
You probably have a bet with your friends that no girl will go to the dance with you.
I would.
You probably think no one will go see your art tonight.
I will.
You probably think no one loves you.
I might.
You probably think no one will write a poem about you.
And I am.

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on Jan. 24 2010 at 8:14 pm
I love this... It's so beautiful, in a strange sort of way. I love the way it's written, and it really means something to me. (: Thank you for writing this. I love it.

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