March 19, 2008
By Charles Ballard, Dendron, VA

You are around all of these people but you feel alone.
No one that loves you,
No one that cares about you.
But why?
You are lonely, afraid, confused,
Don't know why you feel this loneliness,
Deep inside,
The people say, say that they care about you,
You look at them like they are crazy,
Asking them why they said that.
And they say, "because I care about you,"
Because you care about me? You reply,
But this doesn't help you,
You still feel lonely,
It's like the devil; Lucifer himself is taking your beliefs.
You give a damn of what that person is saying.
Lucifer is telling you to be alone, suffer the rest of your life lonely.
No one that loves you will help, because he is making you believe,
that they're lying to you, that they wish you were gone,
Gone forever,
That you will be
Lonely for the rest of your life.
Darkness will be your new best friend

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