To the One I Lost to Fate

March 18, 2008
By Ashley Benavides, Weston, FL

Love is such a beautiful thing

I'm glad I shared it with you

Hardships are conflicts that are difficult to go through

I'm glad I faced them with you

Trust is something you share with the one you confide in

I'm glad I confided in you

To be understood is difficult

I'm glad we understood eachother

Intimacy is special when with the right one

I'm glad I shared it with you

Perfection is impossible , but is seen in the one you love

I always saw it in you

Joy is something that only came to me when with you

Now that your gone so is my joy. It was stolen with your soul.

My smile locked with chains , only to reveal a fake smile

Carelessness is something I can no longer do

Your love is what I need

Sadness is what's left

Your always on my mind, in my heart, in my dreams but I need you here with me .

Our love will forever be endless

I'll promise to love you and forever,And have you in my heart no matter if your not physically here , farther then "Till death do us part"

Rest In Peace Shawn

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